Startup Showcase: Udelv - Autonomous Van For Last-mile Delivery

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Udelv is revolutionizing transportation with its Autonomous Delivery Van (ADV), built specifically for last and middle-mile delivery on public roads. Founded in California in late 2016, Udelv is on a mission to reinvent delivery and shape the future of autonomous driving.

In January 2018, Udelv successfully accomplished the first ever autonomous delivery on public roads. Since then, Udelv has completed more than 1200 deliveries for multiple merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area and is planning for expansion in several other states.

Announced at CES 2019, Udelv's Newton™ autonomous driving technology is today’s most advanced ADV, following months of close collaboration between Baidu and Udelv on Apollo 3.5. Newton™ features a redesigned patent-pending automated cargo system that contains an adaptive shelving space mechanism. The SAE Level 4 ADV will be capable of driving autonomously over short- and medium-range distances at speeds up to 60 mph within store or distribution facility catchment areas of up to 400 square miles.

View exclusive interview and demo with Udelv's CEO, Daniel Laury, at CES 2019.

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