Startup Showcase: Sixdof Space - Ultra-fast optical tracking

Sixdof Space ultra-fast optical tracking.

Solution at a Glance

  • Sixdof Space has created a bold, new optical tracking technology paradigm that offers the long-awaited breakthrough in both speed and accuracy.

  • Sixdof Space combines optics, electronics and algorithms in a single package for deployment in products currently in development in multiple industries – with an initial market focus on the VR market.

  • Sixdof Space is planning two versions: one version will output the raw tracking data and our algorithms will run on existing processing power of the host. The second version will include a lightweight processor that will run our algorithms and provide the host with the 6DOF tracking data.

  • The solution is also appropriate for non-VR users. The device can be included as part of the tracking system for an indoor robot, drone or any moving part in a warehouse or factory.

Technological Innovation Product Differentiation

  • The installation-free technology leverages existing room lights, without modification, to serve as location beacons.

  • Embedded in any manufacturer’s existing hardware, products will report accurate position at a very high speed, to any host system – be it a VR headset or other mass-market product.

  • This patent pending approach yields a product with the unique and sought-after combination of low-cost, low power, and a game-changing latency as low as 1ms, with fresh data supplied at each cycle.


Total Funding Amount $1M

Founded Date: Feb 1, 2017