Startup Showcase: Ouster - Affordable High-resolution LiDAR sensors

Ouster brings LiDAR to the masses with its breakthrough multi-beam flash LiDAR technology. Ouster's OS-1 LiDAR is a fundamentally new approach to LiDAR, enabling high-resolution, long-range 2D and 3D imaging at a fraction of the cost. Ouster is founded in 2016 in San Francisco, CA. It completed its Series A funding in December 2017 with a total of $27M.

Its newest multi-beam flash LiDAR sensor, the OS-1-128, has been awarded the 2019 CES Innovation Award in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category. OS-1-128 is the highest resolution LiDAR on the market with 128 individual laser beams. It comes with no change in size, mass, power consumption, or ruggedness compared to Ouster's current OS-1-64 LiDAR, and is built with Ouster's patented Multi-Beam Flash LiDAR architecture.

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