Startup Showcase: Hexa - First Automated 3D Creation Machine

Hexa is an AI based 3D market network that is disrupting the way 3D content is created.

View exclusive interview with their CEO, Yehiel Atias, at CES 2019: 

Solution at a Glance:

  • Create, scale and distribute 3D content by automatically converting your customers’ existing 2D images into VR, AR & 3D web compatible assets.

  • Offering technologies across all 3 main focus categories (Fashion, Furniture and consumer electronics),

  • Offering 3D product pages, Furniture renders, Fashion renders, E-mail marketing, Facebook 3D Newsfeed, AR SDK, etc.

Product Differentiation

  • Data - Serving our code to over 150M online shoppers allows us to maximize every 3D model value by properly reconstructing it.

  • Network effect - Hexa is the only company that is able to distribute 3D assets into the world largest platforms and by doing so, significantly increases the amount of available inventory and potential value curated in every 3D asset.

  • Content requirements - We are able to create 3D assets from as little as one image. Whenever even the basic visual information is missing, we use our 3D database and similar items algorithm to lower content creation time and cost.


  • Founded Date: Nov 15, 2016

  • Total Funding Amount: $3M

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