Startup Showcase: Brodmann17 - Deep Learning Vision For Edge Devices

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Brodmann17 is a game-changer software technology company that can run deep learning vision on edge devices. View exclusive interview with Brodmann17's VP of Business Development Ohad Kleinman at CES2019.

Solution at a Glance

Brodmann17 developed a game changer neural network technology that can run deep-learning vision even on commodity processors. The technology achieves highest accuracy results while consuming only a fraction of computing power making it an excellent solution to the industry's toughest demands of autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance. Brodmann17 can run on any processor and use the existing hardware to enable deep learning vision where no one else can.

Technological Innovation Product Differentiation

  • Brodmann17’s advanced deep learning vision algorithms produce state-of-the-art vision accuracy utilizing only a fraction of the computing power.

  • The algorithms are highly accurate and efficient allowing us to run deep learning vision algorithms on your hardware such that the memory footprint, power consumption, latency and throughput are optimal.

  • Brodmann17 has an innovative approach for the neural network: sharing calculations and weights. That creates smaller models and effectively requires fewer calculations at runtime (inference) and enabling us to run on commodity embedded platforms.


  • Total Funding Amount $3.2M

  • Founded Date 2016