How AI Will Shape the Future of IoT - Haixun Wang @ WeWork

Updated: Feb 22, 2019 Live Streaming AI Talk

Guest Speaker : Dr. Haixun Wang

VP of Engineering & Distinguished Scientist @ WeWork

February 9th (Saturday), 2019

Haixun Wang is currently the VP of Engineering and Distinguished Scientist at WeWork. Haixun is an IEEE Fellow Member and his research has been cited more than 15,000 times. Prior to WeWork, he’s the director of Natural Language Processing @ Amazon. He also led ProBase and Trinity project while his time working @ Microsoft Research Asia. His interests lies in Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Base system and more. Let's hear about what he thinks about the future of IoT!

Dr. Wang discussed the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Internet of things to generate better diagnoses, predictions and recommendations about human behaviors and interactions during his talk.

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