Alex Ren Harvard-MIT AI Talk: AI Startups From 0 To 1

We typically use metrics like revenue, profit, and user growth to evaluate the early development of startups in the Internet era. The early testing, exploration, and iteration process before a company reaches the product/market fit is defined as the “0 to 1” stage by Peter Thiel. However, startups developing AI technologies often do not have a solid product or massive user base, making it impossible to assess the early development phase with traditional growth metrics. Using examples from Silicon Valley AI startups, this talk discussed a new framework for measuring the maturity of AI technologies in order to manage and accelerate the commercialization process more effectively.  

Alex Ren @ Harvard University

Speaker Bio:

Alex Ren

Founder of and TalentSeer; Managing Partner of BoomingStar Ventures

Alex Ren is the managing partner of BoomingStar Ventures, a $1.5B fund on AI, Robotics and enterprise software, founder of the AI talent search firm, TalentSeer, and founder of, an online community for AI professionals. Alex Ren is a proactive entrepreneur and investor with over 15 years' business and sales experience across AI, enterprise software, and telecommunication. He is also a thought leader in AI commercialization, startup, career development and business strategy with a readership of 1M.

BoomingStar Ventures is the US subsidiary fund of Bojiang Capital targeting growing stage startups, including (acquired by Cruise), Cloudminds Technologies (robotics unicorn), Vicarious (pioneering artificial general intelligence robotics company), etc. TalentSeer is the fastest-growing AI talent partner based in Silicon Valley. It has helped 100+ high tech companies across autonomous driving, internet, retail, and healthcare industries build strong AI teams. is online community that empowers AI professionals through in-depth interviews and community events with renowned AI scientists, tech leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Event Details:

  • Date: October 26, 2019, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

  • Location: Emerson Hall 108, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138

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