About Robin.ly 

Robin.ly is a content platform dedicated to helping engineers and researchers develop leadership, entrepreneurship, and AI insights to scale their impacts in the new tech era.
Engineers and researchers interested in converting innovations into successful products and ventures often in need of essential skills beyond their technical expertise. For example, how to move up the corporate ladder quickly, how to build and motivate a team, how to develop a competitive business model, how to pitch an idea to investors, and how to drive sustainable growth.


Robin.ly was thus established to empower next-generation tech leaders by sharing cutting-edge AI industry trends, inspiring business stories, and effective leadership advice from renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors. Robin.ly creates original video content through interviews with industry leaders and organizes offline events for members to interact with influential experts and peers.
Robin.ly aims to foster a community for engineers and researchers to share, get inspired, and bring out their best potential to career success. Sign up with us to be part of the community!